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Think pink, Manger

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i’m so glad that he exists

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Derek Hale is a notoriously difficult Oscar winning actor that’s hit a slump in his career.

Stiles Stilinski has been stuck in the role of “goofy sidekick” for years and wants to break out of that mold.

They get cast as a gay couple in a new, powerful movie. Derek is absolutely skeptical that Stiles can play the role and Stiles resents Derek’s disdain for everything he’s ever acted in.

When they come to terms with the fact that they both badly need this movie to help their careers, they stop fighting and get down to business. As they progress through filming, a friendship is born that soon grows into something bigger and more powerful than either actor could have ever hoped for.

Inspired by “Performance in a Leading Role.”

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Bye, Doctor. You know, travel does broaden the mind.

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Gabriel + name-calling in 9.18

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is isaac sersiously checking out stiles’s butt

omfg. the super slight eyebrow raise and then he looks at his face. 


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Because I am really missing Jackson Whittemore.

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